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The students then create a series of specifications that they use to determine what their Product will be like and how they will measure its success. While the format of the final report is typically written, students can have the option to do an oral report or multimedia presentation as well.

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Each student will be assigned a Personal Project Supervisor to help guide and assist them throughout the process. Students will meet regularly with their Supervisor to review their progress and to receive feedback. It is expected that students will work on their project continuously throughout this time, in addition to their assigned classwork.

Personal Project

Student success in the Personal Project is assessed through the Final Report. Students have access to a detailed rubric in Managebac, explaining the various strands of each of the four assessment criteria. Their grade for the Personal Project is determined by their Supervisor, and will be on their transcript. The length of the personal project report must be a minimum of 1, words and a maximum of 3, words, not including appendices and bibliography or reference list.

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25 Self-Reflection Questions for Learning

Current Blog Addresses Past Blogs Approaches to Learning. Your Personal Project Report - A template The body of the report words should be presented in identifiable sections, following the MYP project objectives—investigating, planning, taking action and reflecting. Criterion A: Investigating Maximum: 8 The student is able to: i. Criterion B: Planning Maximum: 8 The student is able to: i. Criterion D: Reflecting Maximum: 8 The student is able to: i.

The IB Middle Years Programme

Reflection questions for producing the project report The goal These are questions you might use to help you think about your project when producing your report. You need to be aware of the overall word or time limit for the project.

Some sections of your report may be longer than others; this is usual. What area of interaction was the context for your project? Why did you generally choose that Global Context? What specific features of the GC did you intend to focus upon in your project and why? What personal interest topic did you select? Why did this topic interest you? How much prior experience or understanding of this topic did you have? How does this interest or topic directly relate to your chosen area of interaction? What inquiry question did you design from the area of interaction and topic?

What process did you use to decide on your inquiry question? Why is your question one that requires more than a simple answer? How can someone recognise the area of interaction in the question?

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How do they recognise the topic in the question? What goal did you set for your project? What specifications did you put in place to help you successfully complete your investigation and your project overall?

PP Report: A Strong Example | Personal Process Project

Select sources What resources did you investigate for your project? Why did you choose them? Were some resources better than others? Did you have any difficulties finding or using resources?

What printed resources did you use? Why did you use them? Where did you find them? How easy were they to obtain? What was valuable about them? What electronic resources did you use? How did you access them? How easy were they to access? What human resources did you use? How easy were they to meet or talk to? How did you make your choices about what information to use and what to discard? How did you evaluate your sources? A pplication of information What exactly did you do to complete your project? What decisions did you make based on the information you discovered?

How did you solve problems? How did the information affect your choices? After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: - be competent on a basic level in leading, developing and delivering a communicative and interactive process; - offer feedback and reflection to peers on leadership competency and effectiveness; - better understand of their strengths and weaknesses as a leader; - present the results of their project; - use important aspects of response patterns to alter perspectives on the current situation, choosing different behaviour to create mutually beneficial results; - understand in essential theories on leadership, effectiveness and development; - identify the next steps in their leadership development and make an action plan for this.

Student performance will be assessed by presentation of the project. Re-examination of this exam will be in the form of a reflection paper. Active participation in the course presence, assignments, supporting peers and giving feedback to peers is prerequisite for passing the course. FL Roschar Examiner s prof.