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Violence in The Outsiders Essay Example

How does the pairing of these characters illuminate larger themes in the novel? At first, Bob and Ponyboy appear to be opposites, with vast differences in breeding, socioeconomic status, and temperament.

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But as the story progresses, Hinton underscores the surprising similarities between these antagonists: their often untapped reserves of anger and passion, their distinction among their peers, their vices, and their disappointment in their families. By looking past the superficial differences between Bob and Ponyboy, Hinton emphasizes the sense of frailty and confusion that unites all the teenagers, whether well off or disadvantaged.

The Outsiders Literature Response

Cherry comments on the sense of coldness and reserve that Bob and the Socs project. This aloofness directly contrasts with the fieriness of Ponyboy, who makes frequent, impassioned displays of scorn and admiration for his brothers and friends. In their bearing and appearance, Ponyboy and Bob could not be farther from each other. On the other hand, Bob and Ponyboy share a sense of longing and unhappiness that becomes more and more striking as the story unfolds. Although Bob is supposed to be a pillar of restraint, he attacks Ponyboy when he fears that his girlfriend may abandon him.

Although Ponyboy is supposed to be ablaze with simple, dramatic emotions, he often fights back tears in the hospital and the church, exhibiting the same kind of reserve that Cherry describes in Bob. Both Bob and Ponyboy have silly vices drinking and smoking, respectively that are shown to be more dangerous than they at first seem.

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Most surprising, Bob is just as aggrieved toward his parents as the orphan Ponyboy is toward his own mom and dad. Few books come steeped in an aura as rich as S.

1. The Outsiders Essay

Long credited with changing the way Y. In fact, what struck me most as an adult reader and sometime Y. I wish they were more gray, because I hate most guys that have green eyes, but I have to be content with what I have.

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I thought so too after I finished it. View all New York Times newsletters. But I realized that these three appealed to me because they were like the heroes in the novels I read.

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Dally was real. I liked my books and clouds and sunsets.

The Outsiders and Johnny

Dally was so real he scared me. This is good stuff — great stuff for a teenager.

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Dally is fearless, which Pony recognizes as heroic but also foolish. But Hinton, earnest teenager that she was, wrote to reveal the universality of her Greasers, just as Wright and Ellison did for African-Americans, or Paley and Roth did for Jews. Each time I came across another borrowing, the success of her strategy was impressed upon me. And at the same time I was reminded of year-old Kaavya Viswanathan, who was flayed last year for borrowing excessively from various sources for her own novel. If some high-minded, plagiarism-wary reader had persuaded S.