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Granny reflects on the old days when her children were still young and there was still work to be done. She imagines being reunited with John. She muses that he will not recognize her, since he will be expecting a "young woman with the peaked Spanishish comb in her hair and the painted fan".

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Essay

Decades of hard work have taken a toll on her. Granny has weathered sickness, the death of a husband, the death of a baby, hard farm labor, tending to sick neighbors, yet she has kept everything together. She has "spread out the plan of life and tucked in the edges neat and orderly". However, for Granny life has not always gone according to plan. Sixty years ago she was to marry George.

Once again, her thoughts shift. She imagines finding her dead child, Hapsy, after wandering through several rooms. Hapsy is standing with a baby on her arm, and suddenly Granny becomes Hapsy and Hapsy becomes the baby. Granny's thoughts wander back to George.

She decides she would like to see him again, after all. She wants to make sure he understands that he did not ruin her life; she was able to pick up the pieces. She found a good husband and had children and a house "like any other woman". Father Connolly arrives to administer the last rites. Granny feels she does not need the priest. She made her peace with God long ago. As she senses her time running out, she thinks of all the things she wants to tell her children, who have assembled to say their goodbyes.

She thinks of Hapsy and wonders if she will see her again. Granny asks God for a sign of assurance that she is loved and accepted, but there is no sign. I always told her that she would never be put in a home and that I would take care of her when she got old.

the jilting of granny weatherall Essay Examples

The dreams and aspirations of a 7 year old What is narrator? Narrator is the voice the author creates to tell the story.

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How about receiving a customized one? Details aside, we don't need to be told much about Hapsy to conclude that losing a child probably made Granny feel helpless and out of control.

So we and Dr. Phil might say that Granny's developed a tough exterior in order to protect herself from the pain that can sometimes happen when we make ourselves vulnerable to others. Granny's character demonstrates one of the key ideas of this whole story—that it's incredibly difficult to know a person based only on the impression they project to us. As readers, we're in a lucky position to be able to go into Granny's head and gain a little more insight into her tough appearance. It really makes you wonder how well you know the people around you in your own life, even the ones you think you know pretty well.

Sure, you could maybe peek into their diaries, but we here at Shmoop do not condone that sort of snooping. Only shmooping.

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Character Analysis

But we digress; back to Granny. If we're being totally honest, it's hard to say that we really even "know" Granny, given how incomprehensible some of her thoughts are to us this is an observation often made by readers and critics about Modernist literature. It's important to note that even though we can't fully understand some of Granny's thoughts, this isn't a failing on the author's part. No way. If anything, it's a pretty brilliant way of showing how difficult it is to truly know another person given just how weird and complex these minds of ours are. All rights reserved. Topics Character Roles Protagonist, Antagonist Character Clues.

Granny the Grouch Let's take a closer look at the exact nature of Granny's grouchiness. In one of her crankiest moments, Granny berates Doctor Harry, telling him: Leave a well woman alone. We get a taste of this once we're inside her head: Things were finished somehow when the time came; thank God there was always a little margin over for peace: then a person could spread out the plan of life and tuck in the edges orderly.

She seems to want to have control over the way her children see her, as we can tell from her remark: No use to let them know how silly she had been once Granny's Grief We know from Granny's recollections of her life that she's had to go through some pretty tough stuff. Take a look at exactly how she describes the feeling of being jilted: Since the day the wedding cake was not cut, but thrown out and wasted. She remembers that aside from the jilting, George was a pretty decent guy: He never harmed me but in that