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Solution: 7. When Ashwin will turn 80 sumedha will be Step 1. Required i. Step 2. Monthly exp at the age of retirement i. Step 3. PMT 0. Solution: 8. Annual investment required from April, to April, , i. Solution: 9.

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Akbar Abdulhussain Prasla RIFM material is very simple to understand and it covers each and every aspects of curriculum in depth. Their service and response to any query is also prompt. I saw such quality in you when first met you during your training assignment in ING Life. Let me admit I am a layman in this financial field even ". He makes it sure that the candidate applies and appears the test, in a right way. It could happen only due to your able guidance and Video Learning Kit.

The Video Learning Kit is immensely useful. One can study at odd hours and at a convenient time. Once again I thank you from core of my heart for all your support. Before attending your Fast track training session conducted at Kochi 23rd Batch in Jan. Jitesh "I first of all very much grateful and thankful to you for providing your valuable time and effort's for me.

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Your Guidance post training was very much helpful. Balanced MF schemes : 9. Liquid MF schemes : 5. Assumptions regarding economic factors: 1. Inflation : 5. Expected return in Risk free instruments : 6. Real Estate appreciation : 8. Cost Inflation Index 82 87 92 97 02 07 83 88 93 98 03 08 84 89 94 99 04 09 85 90 95 00 05 10 86 91 96 01 Such records shall be retained for seven years from the date the document was last acted upon. Compliance B. Professionalism C. Diligence D. He has been hearing about the phenomenal returns being generated by the Indian Stock markets.

He has approached you to direct his investment in some good equity scheme of any of the top five Funds. What would you suggest to him? He can choose any of the existing diversified equity schemes and invest in bulk amount. He should make a portfolio of different funds depending upon his financial goals and investment tenure.

He should wait for some time before investment as the markets may come down still further. Repayment of a loan using funds from a savings account. Interest rates increase, and assuming Mahesh has a substantial bond portfolio. At his age, a term insurance plan for a year term is available for annual premium of Rs.

Advanced Financial Planning Case Studies for CFP « PVS (Prashant V Shah) Institute

He wants to know which among the following would be the most appropriate policy for him in the current circumstances. He should take the term plan for 15 years, which will take care of his liabilities during this period in case he dies prematurely. He should take the term plan for 10 years only as the premium outflow here is the least. The policy has a calendar-year deductible of Rs.

Mahesh was hospitalized with a covered illness on January 23rd This hospitalization was his first claim under the said policy for the calendar year.

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His covered medical expenses were Rs. How much of this amount will the insurer pay and how much will Mahesh be required to pay to the Hospital? The insurer will pay Rs. Nil C. He wants to surrender his ULIP. Mortality charges of Rs. Sum assured and administrative charges Rs. Fund management charges 1. He wants to know from you, what should be the surrender value of his policy. If no surrender charges are applicable? First premium was paid on 4th April Starting from today.

MS in Personal Financial Planning Overview

No, Deficit and B. Yes, Surplus and C. Yes, surplus and D. No, Deficit and You estimate the Surplus or deficit so as to meet the target amount for the marriage of their children.

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Deficit 8. Surplus 8. Deficit 3. You have advised him to invest monthly in debt MF and equity MF in ratio of till completes 55 years. You have further advised him to rebalance the portfolio from the beginning of 56 years in ratio of along with further monthly investment to be in the said revised ratio till he retires. The accumulated funds at the time of retirement would be invested in a risk free investment. How much he have to invest monthly amount from 5th April ? At present it is Rs. He wants to protect his gains. What would you advise him as the best Option? Assume that ten days are left for expiry of the Option.

Buy a Call Option B. Buy a Call Option C. Sell a Call option.

Buy a Put Option. Indicate nearest figure. Mahesh for assessment year He wants to know the tax treatment if he sells such equity shares in recognized stock exchange today. It will be taxed as long term capital gains B. It will be taxed as short term capital gains C. Not chargeable to tax D.

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The transaction would be considered as income from other sources. Total of Debt fund 1,, , 1,, Balance which can be used for any other purpose 23, Present Age of Sapna 18 Age of marriage 25 Years till marriage 7 current cost of marriage Inflation 5. Present Age of Varun 12 Age of marriage 25 Years till marriage 13 current cost of marriage Inflation 5. Effective Monthly Risk free rate 6. Note- By selling a call option Anil gets a premium of Rs. Inflation adjusted post 1. In spite of this error may creep in.