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However, it may be possible for students to change course if their College agrees that any change is in their educational interests. Around six per cent of students accepted to Cambridge take a gap year. This year out can be a useful time to improve skills, earn money, travel and generally gain maturity.

Much more than documents.

Please note:. Is there an age requirement for entry to Cambridge? The vast majority of undergraduates are 18 or older when they begin their course here. All students need to demonstrate that they have the maturity and personal skills to cope with university level study, and that they will be able to gain full benefit from their chosen course. Choosing a College At Cambridge, as well as being a member of the University, students are also a member of a College.

Engineering Personal Statement |

Does College choice matter? How do students choose a College? A collegiate university: who does what? After the closing date, each open application is allocated by a computer program to a College which happens, in that year, to have received fewer applications per place in that subject than the average number across all Colleges.

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Will students need to apply to a particular College for their chosen course? Students can apply to any College that offers the course they want to study. The key functions that the University and Colleges are responsible for are outlined opposite. We do not make unconditional offers to students who have not already achieved the qualifications required for entry onto their chosen course. Please also note the separate registration deadlines for pre-interview written assessments see p To make a valid application to the University of Cambridge, applicants must submit their SAQ by the deadline set.

In the majority of cases this will be 22 October. Applicants may be unsuccessful. Overall, around one in five applicants is made an offer. For entry in October and deferred entry in October , 17, applications were received for approximately 3, undergraduate places. Of those accepted, Updated figures for entry or deferred entry in will be added to the website at: www. Does the University take part in Clearing or Adjustment?

However, we anticipate that places may be available for some students through Adjustment. You can find out more information about Adjustment at www. Feedback on decisions All undergraduate admissions decisions are the responsibility of the Cambridge Colleges.

This is a requirement of the Data Protection Act, and applicants will normally be asked for their consent in a pre-interview questionnaire. The pool system The pool system is designed to ensure that the best applicants are offered places, no matter which College they applied or were allocated to.

As a result of being placed in the winter pool, some applicants may be asked to attend another interview at a different College, usually in January. A second smaller pool of offer holders who narrowly miss the conditions of their original offer takes place in August after examination results are released and places can be confirmed. This again helps to ensure that the best applicants secure places. Other deadlines may apply for applicants wishing to be considered for interview in particular overseas countries www.

If a student is in any doubt about the deadline by which they must complete the SAQ, they should contact the College as soon as possible to check. However, there are certain academic qualities that Admissions Tutors look for. This could be shown, for instance, by good time management in the balance of their various academic and personal commitments. Information we use to assess applications We want to give applicants as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate their strengths and potential.

Extenuating circumstances The Extenuating Circumstances Form ECF has been designed to ensure that the Cambridge Colleges have the information they require to accurately assess any applicant who has experienced particular personal or educational disadvantage. See the relevant course entry on our website www. One of the strengths of the Cambridge admissions system is its ability to assess all applicants individually.

For most applicants, this will need to be submitted by 22 October, however, an earlier deadline may apply in certain circumstances. See online www. Extended Project We encourage students to undertake an Extended Project to help them develop independent study and research skills valuable for higher education.

Conditions apply in all cases see the website for details. Typical offers for a range of other examination systems can be found on our website. Please note that written exams are the main form of assessment used for Cambridge courses. There are also potential disadvantages to taking qualifications early in subjects where the knowledge and understanding will be required at university.

If applicable, please make it clear that the student is on a one-year course and give as much information as you can about their academic achievement. Personal statement Personal statements allow students to tell us about their subject interest s , and the process of writing a personal statement can often help a student better understand their academic interests and intellectual motivations. What a personal statement should contain Students are advised to follow the UCAS advice about what to include www. At Cambridge, all admissions decisions are based solely on academic criteria ability and potential.

However, when composing their personal statement students should consider the importance that their other university choices may place on extra-curricular activities. Cambridge-specific comments Applicants can make additional comments particularly relevant to their Cambridge application in their SAQ eg to highlight particular features of the Cambridge course that attracted them.

This additional personal statement is optional. A discussion of this may then form part of the interview. Details of the Colleges that typically ask for written work can be found in the relevant course entry on our website. However, if this is required the College will advise the student about what sort of work this should be, where it should be sent and the deadline for its submission usually by mid-November. These are designed to supplement the information in their application and provide a gauge of their existing abilities — to assess skills such as comprehension and thinking skills and, where appropriate, levels of current knowledge and understanding relevant to the course applied for.

See the course information online www. Pre-interview written assessments Around half of our courses require applicants to take a pre-interview written assessment, which are organised by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and taken at an authorised centre local to the applicant.

Cambridge Personal Statement Example

The approval process can take several weeks and must be completed by 27 September Details are available online at: www. Applicants have to be registered online separately from their UCAS application in advance to take the relevant pre-interview assessment. In most cases the assessment centre must register applicants, students cannot register themselves. Students taking the BMAT in August must register themselves online; students taking the October BMAT or any other pre-interview assessment must be registered by their assessment centre.

Students must only take the BMAT once, see details at: www.

Oxford and Cambridge rankings

Assessment arrangements for Computer Science, Law and Linguistics are currently under review. Arrangements will be published online as soon as they are confirmed. Please see our website for further information about written assessments. Assessment centres are advised to register their candidates well in advance.

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At-interview written assessments For courses requiring an at-interview written assessment, these are taken when applicants are in Cambridge for interview if interviewed. Most applicants take any at-interview assessment on the same day as their interview s.

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The majority of applicants are invited to attend an interview. The people deciding on the admissions vary from university to university. Typically, the central university management will work with the department heads to decide on rough quotas before any applications are received. There was a furore in when a Cambridge University admissions tutor wrote in the Emmanuel College magazine that he uses Facebook to get additional information about applicants.

Dr Richard Barnes was criticised in the press for the admission. However, nobody except other university admissions tutors knows how common using social media to check up on students really is. Only your friends should be able to see your profile, wall and photos.

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