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Learn more about the research facilities for the Biotechnology program. The following list is an overview of the requirements for a Ph. Chair: Wayne Bowen. Director of Graduate Studies: Jeffrey Morgan. BioMed: Biotechnology The program offers a Ph.

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Degree Type. All Graduate Programs. Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email. The educational objectives of the Biotechnology program include: To prepare students for careers of constructive service to society in academia, government, industry and health related fields. To engage committed students in areas not experienced in their previous academic lives and to bring them to a baseline that will allow them to conduct translational research, from conceptual design through in vivo testing with an eye towards clinical implementation.

To provide interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities to solve problems that will improve the quality of life for those suffering from health—related diseases and disorders. The program's primary emphasis is on the fundamentals of polymer chemistry, drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and micro—devices.

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Strategies to optimize anaerobic co-digestion of complex organic wastes. Lema , Marta Carballa.

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Biopolymers production by Halomonas boliviensis in an integrated biorefinery. Biofiltration of diffuse methane emissions: technology development and integration for livestock waste treatment systems.

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  • Supervisors: Francisco Omil. Exploitation of the ligninocellulosic by-product raquis, obtained from the extraction of palm oil for the production of ethanol. Lema , Thelmo Lu Chau. Mechanisms driving organic micropollutants removal in advanced biological wastewater treatment. Removal mechanisms of organic micropollutants in activated sludge reactors. Supervisors: Gumersindo Feijoo. Laccase-based technologies to remove organic pollutants from soils and wastewaters.

    Authors: Adriana Arca. Supervisors: Maite Moreira , Gemma Eibes. Environmental sustainability of bioactive molecules from marine organisms. From Vineyard to Sea. Authors: Pedro Villanueva.

    Information about Biotechnology Degrees

    Strategies for phosphorus recovery from wastewater by struvite crystallization. Turning data into useful information. Authors: Stefano Longo. Supervisors: Almudena Hospido , Miguel Mauricio. New strategies for the wastewater treatment with filtration membranes.

    62 PhDs in Biotechnology -

    Supervisors: Juan M. Sustainability diagnosis of alternative technologies for the management of agri-food and urban waste. Authors: Isabel Noya. Supervisors: Maite Moreira , Sara Gonzalez.

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    • Anaerobic biotransformation of organic micropollutants focused on the role of enzymes. Supervisors: Marta Carballa , Juan M.

      Biotechnology PhD Program

      Application and refinement of Territorial Life Cycle Assessment to the calculation of the carbon footprint and the normalization factors of Galicia. Supervisors: Almudena Hospido. Strategies to enhance the removal of organic micropollutants during wastewater post-treatment. Authors: Lidia Paredes. Supervisors: Marta Carballa , Francisco Omil.

      Organic products recovery from complex industrial wastewater: microbial features. Supervisors: Anuska Mosquera.