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Aeon for Friends

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The Slow Web

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Keeping going

Champaign : University of Illinois Press. Kostelanetz, R. Essaying essays: Alternative forms of exposition. Below are my scribbled notes for this one:. The point is, I have always struggled to write quickly. And many of my students do too. Funnily enough, this post has been much faster — probably because I am writing from the heart this time, not the head. Many students took it home to lovingly craft, while at the other extreme some stared blankly at it for a few weeks until I, in a fit of panic, talked them through every single sentence.

Was it a fair way to assess writing?

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Probably not. Those with the luxury of home-help, proficient in the dark arts of internet plagiarism, or particularly hard-working could over-achieve in relation to their real ability. Yet it is also true that many children found and honed their writing skills through this redrafting process — in much the same way as Ron Berger has argued in his wonderful An Ethic of Excellence. Unfortunately, once again, in our hyper-accountable world, abuse of the system — or the allegation of it — is understandably rife.

The new GCSE English, to be assessed in , will scrap all in-class assessment in favour of one high-stakes exam.

Catalogue essays — Saskia Beudel

An option that provides less opportunity for cheating must be fairer, you might say. The problem is that the old systems took into account that not all good writers are good writers in exam conditions.

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Yes, academia will always require students to write under pressurised conditions…yet real life rarely does. The current 2 hour, 15 minute AQA exam is brutal to say the least.

Take my year 11 student, Chloe, for example. Here is a beautiful paragraph of carefully and lovingly written prose taken from a controlled assessment piece she undertook slowly in class.